Visit the Museum of Neolithic Culture in Diros, the Museum of Ethnology and History of Mani (in Gythio), the Ancient Theatre of Gythio, the Vaulted Tomb at the Vapheio Hill (Amycles),  Leonidaio, the temple of “Orthias” Diana, Mystras, the Museum of Olives , the pathways of Taygetos Mountain, Kapetanako’s Castle in Areopoli, Mavromichali’s Castle in Areopolis, the beautiful Limeni village ( the seaport of Areopolis. )

East and West of the Laconian Gulf lay small, picturesque, sandy, virgin beaches. From Gythion Town till Cape Tenaro you can enjoy several beaches (Marvrovouni, Κamares, Skoutari, Porto Kayo, Marmari),all awarded of the “blue flag” . The beach of Vathy where stands the hotel is one of the awarded beaches as well

The personnel of the hotel will be pleased to help you , giving you all the necessary information you may need about the attractions  of the area.


Calmness and hospitality, sweet climate and clear atmosphere. Delicious  traditional dishes at the taverns, beautiful bars that bring an air of Greek islands. Culture  and entertainment , (the “Sainopoulos Theatre” is the center of the cultural events of Laconia, by hosting  the best musical and theatrical events and shows of the year)